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How to Hit the Big Superfecta Frequently

how to hit the big superfecta


The Story of “Mr. Superfecta” (Part 3)

Mr. Superfecta says that playing the Superfecta in horse racing is just like fishing game. There is no doubt that the bigger and the stronger fishnet you use, the more fish you will get.

See the picture below and let’s suppose that there is a fishing game pool, and if you catch fish regardless of size and type, you will get $10 for each fish. And, you should rent a scoop net. In addition, the little one costs $30 per use and the big one costs $100 per use.

Which one are you going to rent? That’s absolutely your choice. If you just want to enjoy fishing for fun you may rent a smaller one but if you want to make money from this game you should have a bigger one, for sure.

how to hit horse racing superfecta

Mr. Superfecta said, “Like this fishing game, when you play the Superfecta in horse racing, you must have a big and strong fishnet,  in order to scoop up fish in a huge Superfecta pool. And then, the more people playing with you a small scoop net use, the bigger prize should you get.

So now, which scoop net are you going to use?”

Actual Result of Horse Racing Superfecta
$6,000 for the 10 Cent Bet

Let’s see a result example. The follow chart is the result of Golden Gate Field, Race 8, 11/10/2013. Have you ever hit the Superfecta like this - over $60,000 ($6,000 for 10 cent bet)?

Then, how do you think someone hit this jackpot.

At this race, the morning line odd of the second-place finisher (#8 Ruler Breaker) was 8-1 and its final odd was 6-1, and the morning line odd of the fourth-place finisher (#12 Vintage Point) was 4-1, and its final odd was the same as its morning line odd.

By the way, the morning line odd of the first-place finisher (#11 Unusual Talent) was 10-1, and the morning line odd of the third-place finisher (#10 Luckbox Sam) was 30-1. Let’s see the entry chart.

Guess how hit this race!

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Let's hit the big horse racing Superfecta frequenly!

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