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How to Win at Horse Racing Betting

how to win at horse racing betting


The Story of “Mr. Superfecta” (Part 2)

1. Who Is Mr. Superfecta?
He says, “Betting on horse racing is my business.”

We call Kenny Chen “Mr. Superfecta” because he plays only the Superfecta, as well as hits it with alarming frequency at horse racing betting. Before taking up the main, let’s take a brief look at his personal history.

He was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States in the 1990s with his mother and wife. After the sudden loss of his father to heart attack, His family and he wanted to start a new life away from the sorrow.

The young man, in his late 20s, had majored in Business Administration at a university in Hong Kong, but he couldn’t find a job related to his major when he first came to the United States.

His family and he decided to start up a garment manufacturing business as they had in Hong Kong. Finally, investing all their money, they set up a sewing factory, and opened a wholesale clothing store in downtown Los Angeles.

They worked hard from early morning to late night to build up their business. Thanks to their efforts, business was growing well, and their new lives seemed successful.


"Is American Dream Coming True?"

Then, one weekend, he visited a racetrack near their home with his mother Jennifer; it was Santa Anita Park. The beautiful environment and its surroundings amazed him. After hard working days, the exciting American thoroughbred racing invigorated him. Since then, horse racing became a haven of pleasure in his rough life as an immigrant.

‘Working for the weekend’ seemed like what he was doing every day in his new American life, working hard at the factory on weekdays and enjoying the picturesque race park with the majestic horses on weekend.

One day, on an especially clear autumn weekend, he visited Santa Anita Park as usual. And, he was moved to admiration by the sapphire blue sky, the emerald green grass, the grand mountains, and the energetic sparkling fountain. He muttered, – half in prayer, half to himself – “God, may this be my work place!”

Ten years later, he became a professional horseplayer. And now, he believes that he was able to take on the job title of his dream with God’s grace. At the same time, his business dropped rapidly because the products started to be imported widespread from China.

Eventually, he had to shut down his factory. And then, only the professional horseplayer was able to be his job. He also thanked God for every blessing he had given him.


"A Small Business Owner Has Become a Professional Horseplayer!"

Mr. Superfecta, Kenny, tells us to thank God for every blessing and strife. He believes that everything that happened before, and since his immigration has molded him into the person that he is.

Also, Kenny is not resentful that his garment business had to be closed. Instead, he is always thankful because he could become a professional horseplayer due to it. Also, he is very proud of his occupation, and he speaks to his friends with confidence, “Horse racing betting is my business.”

As a professional horseplayer, he created his own rules and methods to apply for his new business. He told us, “Every business needs money, men, and method – the so-called 3Ms. And, its purpose is to make profit.” Continued on to explain, “Like a common business, horse racing betting also needs 3Ms, but the way is much simpler than other businesses. I really love my business.”

“Let me explain my methods of winning, so that you guys can also apply them.”

This is sufficient enough to attract our attention, isn’t it?


2. Why Does He Play Only the Superfecta?
His answer is very simple: “Because it’s the easiest way for me to win.”

Like most horse racing fans, Mr. Superfecta also used to play many different types of wager. His main play was  Exacta but he lost money on most racing days.

Finally, he found that his two key horses for his Exacta Box repeated numerous times to come in first and third, first and fourth, second and third, or second and fourth. And then, he realized that his Exacta key horses came in any order of the Superfecta frequently.

It was natural that he switched his major play to the Superfecta. And, he started to play only the Superfecta some time ago. When we asked him why he played only the Superfecta, his answer was simple; “That’s because of the winning rate.” He said, “I now play only the Superfecta because it is the easiest way for me to win. My hitting rate of the Superfecta is much higher than that of Exacta.”

He turned and asked us, “Then, which play do you think should I play?”

Mr. Superfecta emphasized that how often you win was more important than how much money you win at once. And he said, “In order to achieve a high hitting rate at horse racing betting, you must have a definite plan and a consistent method to use.”


3. What Are His Strategies and Rules?
“A professional horseplayer must have a hitting average.”

Mr. Superfecta, Kenny, is a big fan of Major League Baseball.  And, he said that a professional horseplayer should have their own hitting average in horse racing betting, like a Major League Baseball player,

As we know, if a baseball player hits a safety once at his three batting chances in a game, his hitting rate would be .333. If he makes one hundred safety hits at all three hundred of his batting chances in a whole season, his batting average would be .333 as well.

It is very difficult for a batter to make his batting average of .333 in Major League Baseball. In 2012, there was only one player with the batting average of over .333: Busty Posey of the San Francisco Giants; in 2013, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. In other words, a professional baseball player with the batting average of over .333 could be the best batter in MLB.

Let’s apply that to horse racing betting. Most horse racing fans may know how hard it is to win once every three races. So how can you expect that to win one hundred times out of three hundred races? If you can do that, you must be the best horseplayer.  And, you wouldn’t have to read this article.

Just as a baseball player with the batting average of .333 in MLB is an excellent batter, a horse racing bettor with the hitting average of .333 could be an outstanding horseplayer.


How to Win at Horse Racing Betting Eventually!

Mr. Superfecta said, "As a professional horseplayer, we must have the hitting average of over .333.  In additon, the average payout must be over three times of the average betting amount.  And then, we can beat the horse races eventually!"

For example, if you bet $100 on each race, you must win at least once in three races and the total payout must be over $300. Then, you will win at the horse races eventually.

Mr. Superfecta said, “Even if you make a Win bet on the betting favorite horse every time, it is not only very hard to reach the hitting rate of .333 according to the statistical data, but also the payouts are usually less than the total betting amounts.

Some bettors raise their next betting amount after they lose but that is very dangerous. That’s the typical gambler’s style. Playing the Superfecta is the only way for me to get the hitting average of over .333. And its payout is big enough to make a profit against my investment.”

Then, let’s see how Mr. Superfecta maintains his hitting average. “Fortunately,” he said, “it’s much easier to get the hitting average of .333 in horse racing betting than in the Major League Baseball games, because we can select our favorite racetracks and the races to play for ourselves.


However, MLB players can’t avoid the top-notch opponent team with their Cy Young Award-winning pitcher. Even though a MLB player can’t make a hit well from left-handed pitchers, he cannot skip his batting order.

But a horseplayer can pass the races any number of times, which he or she doesn’t want to play. If you hit more often at the long distant dirt races, you can choose from those kinds of races. And then, you can increase your winning rate.

What a big advantage it is! The choice of the races to play is a huge advantage for the horseplayers and it is the main key to beating the horse races.”

He continued to say, “The next important strategy for winning at horse racing is the choice of winning methods.

Now, let’s compare it to fishing. We can choose a lake with abundant fish, but there is no use if you don’t bring appropriate fishing tools with you. As determining your tools for fishing is very important, you must choose a proper method for horse racing betting as well.

Based on this idea, I invented the 10 Cent Superfecta Winning Systems and now I share these systems with all customers of who want to make a solid income from horse racing betting. 

Good luck everyone!”

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