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Top Carryovers

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top carryovers


A carryover is when no wins occur at the end of a race on a particular wager type - for example, a Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6, or Super Hi 5. All wagers in the carryover pool or 'pool' are then carried over to the next designated race.

The carryover continues from race to race until a lucky winner or winners collect the prize pool, which can reach millions of dollars. As carryover pools increase in value, more betting interest is evidenced and consequently as horse bettors have a chance to win bigger money.

Horse Racing Carryover Pools

CarryoverWager TypeRace TrackDate
$67,018Pick 6 JackpotIndiana GrandSep 29
$29,247Pick 6 JackpotThistledownSep 29
$4,625Pick 5 JackpotGrants PassSep 29
$3,096Pick 6Belterra ParkSep 29
$1,390Pick 6Finger LakesSep 29
$954Pick 6 JackpotPresque IsleSep 29
$9,656Pick 7 JackpotEmerald DownsSep 30
$5,818Super High Five JackpotPenn NationalSep 30
$204,116Pick 6 JackpotBelmont ParkOct 01
$199,480Pick 6 JackpotGolden GateOct 01
$107,801Super High Five JackpotWoodbineOct 01
$87,227Pick 6 JackpotWoodbineOct 01
$3,102Pick 6 JackpotPimlicoOct 01
$1,370Pick 6 JackpotCharles TownOct 01
$851Pick 6 JackpotHastingsOct 01
$128,195Pick 6 JackpotSanta AnitaOct 02
$16,690Pick 5 JackpotPrairie MeadowsOct 02
$1,356Super High Five JackpotPrairie MeadowsOct 02
$10,243Pick 6 JackpotLone StarOct 03
$8,397Super High FiveLone StarOct 03
$7,123Super High FiveLone StarOct 03

The magic of horse racing betting carryovers is twofold. First, money attracts money so players know there's a chance for a life changing payout. In addition, value conscious horse players wait for carryovers to jump in because they recognize that they're getting a unique bonus - more money is being paid out that has been wagered that day, so instead of a takeout, there's an effective "put in" for those who stayed out of the previous days' pools.

Our list of horse racing Carryovers shows you the largest and most popular carryover pools from major U.S based race tracks. Many different types of horse track bets can have Carryover pools : Pick 6 carryover pools, Pick 5 carryover pools, Pick 4 carryover pools, Pentafecta carryover pools, Super High Five carryover pools, & Tri Super bets carryover pools.

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