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North American Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Trainer Standings

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Top Trainers in U.S. Thoroughbred Horse Racing is your ultimate guide to horse racing trainer standings for Wins and Earnings in North America's major racetracks. Stay connected with us, and win at horse racing today!

Ranked by Earnings
As Of 08/31/2020
Asmussen Steven M$12,952,338
Brad H. Cox$8,428,080
Baffert Bob$8,335,217
Chad C. Brown$8,010,110
Maker Michael J$7,747,039
Pletcher Todd A$6,682,095
Casse Mark$6,217,460
Mott William I$4,881,613
Diodoro Robertino$4,648,522
Karl Broberg$4,415,531
Miller Peter$3,710,806
Calhoun William Bret$3,458,127
Saffie A. Joseph, Jr.$3,347,261
Clement Christophe$3,332,252
Amoss Thomas$3,278,540
Sadler John W$3,168,304
Baltas Richard$3,064,100
Claudio A. Gonzalez$2,971,896
Ness Jamie$2,876,250
Rice Linda$2,859,536
Ward Wesley A$2,849,326
O'Neill Doug$2,461,249
Rudy R. Rodriguez$2,376,747
Motion H Graham$2,364,837
McPeek Kenneth G$2,328,986


Ranked by Wins
As Of 08/31/2020

Asmussen Steven M1437265212201
Karl Broberg1226241218190
Diodoro Robertino879200144119
Maker Michael J82216212094
Brad H. Cox53012610360
Ness Jamie4921249180
Pletcher Todd A5761219885
Jonathan Wong4201178958
Chad C. Brown4131008371
Casse Mark7089911580
Claudio A. Gonzalez422956562
Saffie A. Joseph, Jr.369846544
Gourneau Jerry469836649
Calhoun William Bret387807144
Amoss Thomas349776251
Ward Wesley A296765144
Miller Peter315735233
Isidro Tamayo288714447
Stidham Michael331685439
Runco Jeff C288675943
Scott E. Young313675441
Isai V. Gonzalez321664643
Gorham Robert M326655451
Baffert Bob213634230
Clement Christophe302624838

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